Who it's for

World Clock is for anyone who needs to communicate with others across the world. Be it clients, associates, family or friends. This tool offers a quick and easy way to search for a location and see what time it is now.

Add a name to your time block to personalize it further. Then come back any time to use it as a reference.

How to use World Clock

Using World Clock is simple.
Add a time block

Click in the search box above where it says “Add a timezone.” Search for cities across the world. Click on the city in the search results and you’re done! The city will be added to the page. Is a city you need not on our list? Send us a message and let us know. We’re always updating.

Adding a name

You can personalize the time zone further by clicking on Add a name. When the dialog box comes up simply add a name then click Ok.

Change a name

Change a name of a time block by clicking on the name, changing the name in the dialog box then clicking Ok.

Remove a time box New!

You can now remove a time block altogether. When you no longer need a time plock simply click on the Remove button Icon of circle with minus button inside it. and the time box will go poof!

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